Urethritis is a condition that is characterized by the onset of an inflammatory process in the urethra. The most notable signs of urethritis are given for pain during urination, as well as the appearance of the urethral discharge. This is a disease that is diagnosed in patients of both sexes.


Types of urethritis

Urethritis – infectious diseases, thus, development takes place due to exposure to an infectious agent. It may be a virus, fungus, bacteria, and the Dr Too, especially in the rare cases that occur in diseases, radiation, toxic, allergic, and some of the other types of urethritis.

In some cases, due to the impact of the pathogen, which develops urethritis, distinguish two types of this disease, urethritis, specific and non-specific. In the first case, the occurrence of a specific urethritis cause (chlamydia, gonococcus, Ureaplasma, and Dr. Such infections can be combined with the influence of other viruses, fungi, bacteria, and when you do that, your body may be infected. In this case, the disease is complicated by the fact that, as a general rule, the man does not brake, when the acute phase the disease goes into a chronic.

Urethritis is non-specific, it is manifested due to the impact of the release on parole of a pathogenic microflora. Their appearance is cause by staph, strep, poison, fungus, and to Dr. the Disease, and in both cases, there is and is pretty much the same. But, it is very important to note that, in the event of the discovery of sexual infections, all sexual partners of the patient should undergo a screening, and treatment.

The features of urethritis

As a general rule, the manifestation-specific urethritis occurs after sexual intercourse. However, it turns out that a person is hiv-positive and at a certain point, it becomes a carrier of the infection. If this is the case, the disease can occur at any time. Because sexual contact can occur, and urethritis non-specific.

The reason for the development of the inflammatory process in the urethra to make sure of a failure of the immunity, the walls of the channel. The opening of the urethra is constantly infected by the penetration of the infection occurs through the blood, the intestines, the skin, and other places. Especially in a heavy infection takes place during sexual intercourse. It is therefore up to the wall of the urethra, it can deal with the infection, the disease does not develop. But, if you have a failure in the operation of the protection mechanism that occurs in the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by all the symptoms that go with it.

Urethritis in men

There are a number of factors, which make it preDrapologeomai in the process of the emergence of the disease. First of all urethritis in men, and in women it can occur because of a single, permanent, or hypothermia. Upon the occurrence of a urethritis affects the kidney stone to the disease. When the sand or stones if urinary canal, so it's entirely possible the occurrence of injury on the wall, and then the occurrence of urethritis. Predispose them to disease, injury to penis, a heavy load, the physical, the irregular sexual life. It is, however, a very high sexual activity, and frequent changing of partners can also lead to the development of the disease. It is not recommended that a lot of the frequent consumption of spicy foods as well as salty, fatty, dishes, and pickles, a large amount of alcohol. Coming from the urine of a substance from such the food is irritating the wall of the channel. Eventually, it may happen that the inflammation, or, to express the progression of the pre-existing condition.

That is the provocative factor in manifestations of urethritis often turn out to be insufficient in the drink: - irregular urination lead to the delay of the bacteria in the body, and in the end, the urine is to wash them on the wall of the urinary bladder. For a couple of hours in the break between the walks in the bathroom are at risk of developing inflammation, it increases noticeably. Also urethritis may develop on the background of chronic inflammation occurring within the body.

So, there are a lot of factors, which, subsequently, can end up being crucial in the development of urethritis. However, the disease can occur in anyone.

The symptoms of urethritis

At the start of the disease manifest themselves, is clearly expressed in the symptoms of urethritis: pain, pain, a burning sensation and itching while urinating. Also, in the process of urination, the person may experience any other discomfort, for the event. These sensations in the genitalia and in the groin area.

Another main symptom of urethritis is the appearance of the urethral discharge. They may have a character of their mixed. Thus, depending on the type of pathogen has caused urethritis, de-allocation, are quite abundant or in short supply. During exacerbation of the disease, from the outer edge of the hole, it can become inflamed and stick together. However, in some cases, to the development of urethritis is not usually accompanied by a discharge.

Diagnosis of urethritis

Each time you aggravate the disease, the inflammation affects all of the more substantial on the part of the mucous membrane of the urethra. Therefore, the symptoms of urethritis, with every aggravation each and every time, the most brilliant out. Therefore, if the disease is left untreated with the help of suitable methods, it is possible for the onset of the complications of urethritis.

If you consider that the symptoms of urethritis from the point of view of its manifestations, in all types of the disease, and then to note some of the differences in the clinical presentation.

Thus, the acute urethritis in men, and in women, the main symptoms are a strong burning sensation and pain during urination, and the presence of abundant discharge from the penis, swelling visibly, the redness of the lips of the urethra. When torpid urethritis observed in the subjective of the disease. They do not manifest themselves clearly, and in a few cases, disappeared altogether.

In the case of sub-acute urethritis is a reduction of pain and swelling in the urethra-also, it decreases the amount of secretions. Just-in-time in the morning, sometimes it manifests as the earth's crust. The urine has a crystal clear tone, and it can be found festering in the strand.

In chronic urethritis, manifested because of a bad approach to the treatment or the complete absence of such, the neurotic can be such a phenomenon. This is particularly true when this form is urethritis are present in small, pus from the urethra. They will become more and more abundant, and subject to the availability of some of the factors that lead to worsening of the disease. This can be a abundant use of alcohol, from the excitement of the forum. The symptoms of urethritis in the chronic form, they are often similar to the signs of a urethritis.

To end up with urethritis is typically an inflammation of the urethra in general. The symptoms of this form of the disease are similar to symptoms of prostatitis. It is important to consider that, in the absence of therapy, symptoms of urethritis may disappear by itself. However, when the aggravation of the disease, the symptoms will be expressed even more strongly. Finally, the patient may have serious complications of urethritis.

Diagnosis of urethritis

For adequate treatment it is necessary, first, to define the correct diagnosis. First of all, the doctor tries to find out what are the reasons that have led to the occurrence of urethritis in the patient. Therefore, in order to establish the causative agent of the disease is applied in a different laboratory (the result of the DNA testing for the diagnosis of PCR. Many times, the doctor prescribes the realization of ultrasonic research of the organs in the pelvic for a proper evaluation. Guided to get the results, he / she is assigned to a particular treatment.

The treatment for urethritis

The treatment for urethritis

For the treatment of urethritis has to be the most effective, it is necessary first of all to determine what the infection has caused inflammation in the urethra. In the treatment of urethritis that uses the same schema as that of the course of therapy, and during treatment, take it frequently, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and other diseases of the genital system. To combat by the micro-organisms that use different drugs. First of all, it's from the antibiotics, as well as the tools with an anti-fungal and anti-viral action.

It is important for the treatment of urethritis has happened in parallel to both of the sexual partners due to the high risk of transmission of infection during sexual intercourse.

And specific urethritis non-specific cure, being led to the same principles. This classification is important from the point of view of the selection of drugs for the therapy and urethritis, as well as for the understanding, it is necessary to treat the sexual partner of the patient.

If the patient is diagnosed with a combination of urethritis and cystitis, so it is important to have a holistic approach to treatment. In this case, the doctor will not necessarily assign the application procedures to the physical therapist, as well as the instillation of a drug into the bladder, and the urethra. The treatment may last for several days or several weeks, this is dependent on the degree of severity of the disease.

It is important that the correct approach to the treatment of the patient. Actually, it is not only drug therapy, but the compliance with the requirements set out by dr. your diet, abstinence from alcohol, and drink plenty of fluids.

After a course of therapy has ended, and all of the symptoms of the disease have disappeared, must of necessity pass through all the tests again and again for the control of the patient's condition. This will help to ensure that the infection is able to destroy it.